New Mexico Taxidermy Association


2018 NMTA - Western Regional Competition Judges

​Greg Brumfield - Gameheads 
Brenda Duvall- Lifesize Mammals
Jim Kimball - Birds
Tom Matuska - Fish/Reptiles

About the Judges


I have been doing taxidermy since the late 90s.  I have won numerous Master's "Best of" categories in game heads and lifesize.  I have also won North American Champion at the National Competition.  I also sculpt mannekins and have won Judge's "Best of Show" original sculpture at the nationals as well as Best PreSculpted at the 2015 World show.  I started judging around the mid 2000's.  I enjoy giving back to New Mexico and seeing many friends again.

Tom Matuska - Fish and Reptiles

Because of a love of nature and a fascination with the art of taxidermy, Tom pursued a taxidermy training program in 1975 and soon after began the Matuska Taxidermy Studio.  With his desire to share his love of the art Tom and Vicki founded the Northwest Iowa School of Taxidermy in 1984 and the Matuska Taxidermy Supply Company soon followed. Throughout the years Tom has competed in many state, national and world events earning a somewhat extensive collection of 1st place and specialty awards in various categories. Tom looks forward to having the opportunity to judge and critique your creative entries and hopefully be of some help in advancing the quality of your work.


Brenda DuVall and Jim Kimball here. We have decided to do something different here and write our bio’s as one. The two of us have very similar beginnings with taxidermy. I was introduced to it by a High School Biology teacher and Brenda by a friend at the same time, some 30 plus years ago.

     At present time we work together in our full time studio located in Medford, Wisconsin. Taxidermy is pretty much a seven day a week job that we both love and wouldn’t trade any of it for all the riches in the World.

     We both have the same belief with taxidermy, that in order to have consistent results with the final product you must first have an understanding of anatomy and movement in the particular bird or mammal you are working on. This will only happen if you take the time to educate yourselves through reference books, watching live animals in their natural habitat, and most importantly from competing and learning from others. So whether you’re a Beginner or a Master you should be competing to learn, not to win.

          Brenda has taken to heart the meaning of giving back to the industry.  She maintained a board seat for 8 years and then served as the vice president of the Wisconsin Taxidermy Association. She served on the NTA board of directors for two consecutive terms, 6 years. She then went on to serve on the UTA Board of directors for many years, serving as secretary, then vice-chairman, then 3 years as the Chairman of the UTA.

      Collectively as competitors we have been blessed to win many major awards. Between the two of us we have Four Best of Shows, Four WASCO’s, numerous Best of Category's, Carl Ackley Award, NTA National and North American Championships, World Show 1st. Place Competitor Award, 3rd in the World Waterfowl, Breakthrough Award, and the list goes on.

       Taxidermy has also taken us places we never thought were possible.  We have worked on animals and props for 5 major movies and numerous commercials.  We spent 2 months in Africa setting up a tannery and taxidermy studio for a private company. We have traveled to other countries to judge and teach, and learned so much in return.

     Our involvement in the competition part of this industry has provided us with many memorable moments. Not only has competing improved our techniques, it has also brought many cherished friendships into our lives.

      We look forward to being part of your convention and wish all of you safe travels to the event.