New Mexico Taxidermy Association

Throughout my training, some of the best knowledge I received was through competing in taxidermy competitions.  I began doing taxidermy as a hobby in 1995 and started competing in 1997. I soon discovered what I could learn from the advice I received from those who judged my work over the years.   It was that year that I began doing fish taxidermy full time.  After several years of competing, I started judging competitions in 2001.  I have been honored to have been able to judge at State shows, Nationals and The Worlds, including the European Championships.  Attending these competitions allows me to keep up with modern techniques around the world to give the best to my clients.

I take pride in doing the most lifelike mounts with modern techniques that will provide lasting memories; from mounting someone’s “once in a lifetime” trophy to a little one’s first fish.

I look forward to working with you. 

~ Jeff

Jeff Mourning