​50/50 Raffle & Other Fun Raffles


Please Consider Bringing Donations!      

Any and All donations are appreciated for the Saturday night NMTA fundraising auction and silent auction.  Here are some Ideas of items to donate:

·   Spare Forms

·   Tools

·   Supplies

·   Reference Books 

·   Wildlife Arts/Crafts

·   Items for Kids & Ladies are also much appreciated for the silent action

3.)  Mr. Whiskers - The Traveling Cat Form

Mr. Whiskers is one of our favorite items up for auction on Saturday night and has become an NMTA Auction Tradition.  He is a homely little cat form that just kept getting shuffled off as an extra item in a group of auction items.  The funny thing was, that he just kept showing back up each year in the auction to try again. Don’t miss your chance to take Mr. Whiskers home with you this year.

"Mr. Whiskers is my name;
Traveling around is my game.
How many years can I keep going;
As my personality just keeps growing.
If you win me in the auction;
My next upgrades are your option.
So take me home and give me more gear;

Just don’t forget to bring me back next year!"

4.) Donate the the New Mexico Taxidermy Association

New Mexico Taxidermy Association