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2015 Raffle Ticket Winners have been drawn.

1st Prize - Travis Nygren

2nd Prize - Manny Chavez

3rd Prize - Fermin Torrez

4th Prize - Denise Baca

Congratulations to all the Raffle Winners and Thank you for supporting the NMTA!


Last Update 6/5/15

2015 NMTA Breakthrough Award Winner





2015 - Judge's Choice Breakthrough Award,

Robert Major.

Taxidermists Challenge. The 2015 Taxidermist's Challenge was the Mule Deer, won by Bill Bowen, and he chose the Coues Deer for the 2016 Challenge.

Live Seminar Challenge. The  2015 Live Seminar Challenge was the Mule Deer.  The winner was Lee Gallegos and he chose the Barbary Sheep for the 2016 Challenge.

Best Pronghorn Challenge. All Pronghorn mounts are automatically entered into this challenge. The best Pronghorn mount will be voted upon by the Judges .

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